Archive for November 19, 2010

Visits are going extremely well.  There’s been no (nada, zilch) accidents in the house.  😀  I love reporting great news!  We’re only walking in the morning and playing outside at night.  I got to work with Neena’s behavior a little bit tonight.  She was right by me when we heard a door slam.  I immediately gave her the “eh” sound.  She looked at me and gave one bark, whereupon I told her “no”.  She stopped.  It’s always great to be ahead of the game.  🙂  She did get high praises for being so good, of course.

Oh yeah, I did take two more big treats to them this morning.  Cash played with his for the day, but he ate it tonight.  I’m guessing Neena eats hers, although I only see Cash taking hers and hoarding both.  I really don’t know which is eating the other one.