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Everything’s going well….sort of.  Beasley is doing fantastic and feisty Diva, aka Paisley, is just that….feisty.  Instead of me fighting to get her collar on and then clip a leash, I took one of my slip leads in to use on her.  Ingenious, until I decided to remove it once we got inside the house this afternoon.  Then I couldn’t get her to even come remotely close to me to put her back in her crate.  I spent a few hours this afternoon trying all sorts of tricks and none were working with what you had on hand.  She’s a squirrelly little girl, but very sweet once you catch her.  😉  I did finally get her cornered in the office and was able to put her back into the crate.  She and I now have an agreement where the leash stays on when outside of the crate.  🙂  I think Beasley likes this new policy as well.  He gets to eat, do his business, and whatever else, in PEACE.  😀

Besides being cold, everything is status quo.  Wait, I think “cold” is now status quo for awhile too.  We walked this morning and evening, but did forgo the pond loop we usually do for the evening walk.  It’s just too dark around the pond and I was wanting to ogle everyone’s Christmas lights.  🙂

Tipli’s been quite the whining pest about his med’s.  He seems to really love the pill pockets so he wants more.  🙂  They must be really good!  We played in the back yard this morning after our walk for a few minutes.  I heard a noise and Kitu had come to join us too.

I couldn’t get Tipli to pose for me.  He was too busy with his rawhide.

Brrrrrr!  Chilly night for a walk and such a shock from yesterday’s weather.  Truly,  I was ready for it and in my winter clothes, so I really wasn’t cold at all during the walk.  The pups certainly weren’t cold.  I think my Thanksgiving stuffing gave me extra warmth.  😀

What is going on with Tipli and needing to be on antibiotics again????  And a steroid too????  Poor guy.  Hope this clears him up completely this time.

Visits are going extremely well.  There’s been no (nada, zilch) accidents in the house.  😀  I love reporting great news!  We’re only walking in the morning and playing outside at night.  I got to work with Neena’s behavior a little bit tonight.  She was right by me when we heard a door slam.  I immediately gave her the “eh” sound.  She looked at me and gave one bark, whereupon I told her “no”.  She stopped.  It’s always great to be ahead of the game.  🙂  She did get high praises for being so good, of course.

Oh yeah, I did take two more big treats to them this morning.  Cash played with his for the day, but he ate it tonight.  I’m guessing Neena eats hers, although I only see Cash taking hers and hoarding both.  I really don’t know which is eating the other one.

Today’s visit went awesome.  Since it’s been awhile, I wasn’t sure how they’d respond to me.  I knew Trace would be fine as I remember she’s a very typical happy retriever who loves PEOPLE!!!  Wish my female retriever was like this, but she’s atypical and I still love her anyway.  🙂

Anyway, Trace could hear me in the house and was telling me she was outside!  I assume Loki could hear me too, but he’s a quiet boy.  I fed Trace in her pen and Loki outside.  Boy, did he dawdle with his food….picking a few pieces to place outside and slowly taking bites from the bowl.  Sheesh!  As soon as he finished, I let Trace out and we all went to put the bowls back in the garage.  Afterward, Loki scoured the back fence (the kiddo was outside playing with dad) and Trace and I worked on our retrieving skills.  She’s very adept at it and I was happy to see her “give it back” nicely.  Good work!  I did the same with my female retriever.  We continued retrieving (while Loki patrolled) until she was tired.  Then I gave them some chews and bade them good night in their kennel.

I couldn’t help seeing your new nursery.  It’s on the way to the garage, so I had to step in and gawk.  🙂  Love the furniture selection!!!