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Today, Toby found a moth to stalk.  He almost had the moth too, but the Mr. Moth proved to be too elusive and flew away.  🙁  Toby’s sure he’s still close by though and is keeping a vigilant watch for him.

The visit today went very well.  Toby looked at me wondering if he remembered me, then TOLD me he was hungry.  His food dish was empty so I immediately replenished it.  This made him happy and I was someone to trust.  We played for a bit and by the time I was leaving he was on the patio playing with any bug that would dare their way into it.  🙂

Today was GORGEOUS outside!  We enjoyed our afternoon outside just rolling in the grass…uhhh…the pups, not me.  🙂  I left Vinny out of the crate between visits and he did perfect!  He is, of course, crated for the night.  Meeka was a bit of a pill tonight.  All she wanted was her food and continued telling me this.  Then she kept talking while Vinny played fetch and sat right in front of me.  A little diva, isn’t she?  😀

I was a little off my game with photography skills today.

Today’s report isn’t too bad.  Actually it’s fairly tame.  The destruction from the morning to the afternoon visit is the loss of one sponge curler.  There was also a Nike running shoe traveling about the house, but it’s since been placed on the…kitchen table.  🙂  I did the same thing with the peanut butter inside the bones between the next visits.  Do you think I’m spoiling them?  😀  I do cut back on their dry at night due to caloric intake.

This evening, Vinny met me at the door.  When he does this I wonder, “okay, what have you done?”  I looked around and saw…nothing.  Yea!

Where to begin….the morning went fine.  Everything was routine.  The afternoon visit was a different story.  I guess Vinny got a little bored?  Ummm….a bit more destruction than usual.  After doing the potty break and a big sigh from me, I set out to clean up the mess.  What is the mess, you ask?  Nothing disastrous, but some dvd covers (actual dvd’s were fine) and a doggie diaper are now demolished.  I decided it was time to pull out the big guns on this “all alone” puppy destruction and used my knowledge in dealing with this.  Remember, I own Labrador Retrievers.  Talk about destructive chewers!  I’m well-versed in this and happy to report my house is still standing with minimal destruction.  😀  Since you reported no known allergies to your pups, I used their bones that are scattered throughout the house and filled it with some peanut butter.  This provided Vinny some good time to use his brain and tongue on how best to get out all the yummy treat.  I still didn’t crate him between visits, but I’m surmising he was pretty tired after lapping up his yummy treat to just take time and rest.  Of course, I gave some to Meeka too, but not as much.  When I returned this evening, Vinny was “zonked out” on the bed.  Yeah, this tired him out.  🙂

By the way, I assume you know you have a slight ant problem, right?  I found a few in your sink and also in the peanut butter.  I did remove the ants from the peanut butter before giving it to the pups, but an ant or two wouldn’t hurt them anyway.  Dogs are pretty resilient to those types of things.  It’s us humans that get “icked out” by it.  An ant wouldn’t even hurt us.  😉

Enjoying the gorgeous day!

Yes!  It’s another exclamation point for her and she deserves it!!!  She came to the gate as I entered as normal, but instead of running away after a quick greeting she hung around for a bit.  Oh good!  A belly rub!  I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk and she started being shy again.  🙁  Again with my persistence, I tried the “trick” from last week.  It wasn’t working as she’s a smart cookie.  🙂  That’s okay though.  I grabbed a handful of treats and sat down on the edge of the patio with the leash in my lap.  She tentatively came up.  Man!  Those treats are yummy.  I was able to touch her collar and then she let me clip the leash on her.  Yea!  No tricking this time.  We did our walk and when I got ready to leave…now get this…she followed me to the gate and I had to keep her back from rushing out with me.  Yeah, I think we’re good buddies now.  😀

Happy Face!

Such a fun day.  Your closet door is now closed as “you-know-who” has been confiscating more shoes from there.  Again, nothing destroyed.  There was some plastic cup in the living area that got some teeth attention though.  It’s now been placed out of reach.  You know cooler weather brings out the orneriness in dogs.  😉  It’s not their fault nor ours.

The afternoon visit was gorgeous.  It was a little windy, but definitely a great time for a good grass roll!

Oh look!  I spelled Vinny’s name correctly…this time.  Yea!  Since I have it labeled wrong on the key, I’m more than likely to revert to the prior spelling.   Anyway, the day went well…sort of.  I think the above-mentioned has gotten a little rambunctious today.  I found some tissue torn up and he obviously had done some work with the insert of your shoes housed near the fireplace.  Ummm…you’ll need to get some Dr. Scholl’s inserts now for those shoes.  The shoes are fine and have been placed in your closet.  He also carried a towel to your kitchen.  What was he thinking?  😀  Yes, he’s had a grand day without much destruction, thank goodness.  Maybe all that play I’ve been doing with him is getting him energized?

Meeka and Charlie are their usual selves.  I almost got Charlie his own personal pocket pet tonight.  There was a tiny frog hopping on the walk near your front door, but decided not to capture him.  I’m sure the frog would have entertained Charlie, but I wasn’t sure if I could find the frog again when Charlie got bored with him.