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Last night’s visit found Meeka barking at me when I entered until she realized I was there to feed her.  🙂  But no food until we go outside.  Okay, where’s Vinnie?  I tell Meeka we need to go find Vinnie assuming he’s under the bed again.  Imagine my surprise to see him peering at me through his crate!  I’m assuming he’s being crated for house training purposes, so I put him back in the crate last night.  I did leave him out between the daytime visits and crated him again tonight.  He did fine out of the crate at each visit.  I’m pretty certain he didn’t move from his spot on top of the big bed between each one.  😉  If you wanted something different done with him, please feel free to e-mail, call or leave a comment on the blog here.

If anyone checked out my post about my personal doggy woes on September 10th, my girl has now made a full recovery.  Remember this pic?

As of last Thursday, she began her runs on the river with me again even though she was still occasionally bunny hopping only in the grass.  After our trail run with no grass, she forgot about the bunny hopping even in grass.  She’s now happily fetching the ball, chasing all sort of critters like the mad woman she used to be prior to this little injury.  Glad to see you back in full swing Lexi!

Uhhh….Surprise!  Still no sign of Freddie.  🙂  Today went well.  I watered everything this a.m. while Ditto was eating.  I had left the door slightly cracked and when I turned around, there he was….eying the fish!  He bored of the fish quickly and started exploring the yard while I finished up watering.  Afterward I went to get him and he was romping through the only muddy spot in the yard (lots of dew this morn).  I had to ask him, “What are you?  A dog?”  Sheesh!  😀

I can tell you what he’s not….he’s not a photo ham!

Sophie gets an exclamation point, because WE went for a WALK!  This means she happily leashed for me.  Okay, no it doesn’t meant this.  It means I tricked her using my yummy treats while using one leash as a slip lead, which then enabled me to clip on her collar and put the other leash on the collar.  “Trick” seems like an evil word, but I knew she’d be happy going and it would give us some great bonding time!  Tell me, does this photo look like a pup who was out against her will?

For whatever reason the girls were very quiet when I was unlocking the door.  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I about jumped out of my skin when Kenai started barking at me upon entry.  As if she would do anything different.  I quickly came back into reality from my daydream state and started talking to them, which quieted their barking, but not their excitement.  It was a nice night to just sit outside and play.

Look at me darnit!

The first visit went perfect.  No sign of Freddie, but I’m sure you guessed this already.  Ditto practically met me at the door and then guided me through the house showing me what I’m supposed to be doing.  I love it when kitties are soooo helpful.  He even made the injection simple for me too.  😀  I just wish he made picture taking easier.

Woa!  We’ve been having fun.  I know I updated you about Bud’s little escapade, which ended well and safe for him, but I don’t think I’ve told you about the swarm of “killer bees”.  During the first visit I leashed them up to take them down the gravel road for a walk.  Next thing I know Sara is snapping her mouth and jumping around wildly.  Bud was cool as a cucumber and GF was long gone doing her thing.  Well, I looked at Sara jumping crazily and then noticed I was attracting a swarm of bees.  Uhm…we’re getting out of here…QUICKLY!  So yes, you have a swarm of bees around your drive.  I tested it during one of my later visits.  I drove in just partway and stopped.  Within a few moments, the angry buzzers were all around my Honda.  You can surmise we have NOT been walking down the drive since that unfortunate time.  The good news is all was well and no one was stung.  Whew!

Who’s pink tongue is this??!!??

I had a great time with Titan and I truly think he’s now well bonded with me.  Yea!  I know I’m done with visits this time around, but I did get this one great picture of him and had to share.

Everything’s been going well.  Sorry to hear Tipli’s on medications.  He’s a pro at taking them, but…ehem…I didn’t quite get the pill past his gag reflex point tonight.  Oops.  He gummed it and chomped on it and then finally spit out the remnants.  What a surprise!  I’m sure it doesn’t taste very good.  Anyway, problem was solved when I jammed the remnants into a bil-jac liver treat and gave it to him again.  Pill?  What pill?  And yes, he got the string cheese as a treat too for giving it a good try the first time around.  😀

Just FYI…your access road from 75 has been changed a bit now, so be prepared.  They were in the process of changing it last night and by the morning I had to take a different road.  Ah progress!

Oh…no pic this time.  I got a pic of Tipli, but it’s a tad too embarrassing to post.

Titan and I have the routine down now.  We go out back, then come in to eat, then I grab his leash for the walk and then he looks at me and runs to his water bowl.  Does he really think we’re going to hike the Sahara?  😀  The weather’s been gorgeous, but still a bit warm during the noon visit.  Good thing he got that last drink of water, huh!