Archive for August 23, 2010

Puppers were great this evening.  The knocking over of items, I mentioned via text, were soft items…golf clubs, bags, etc.  Okay, golf clubs aren’t soft, but still no damage done.  Finally got them outside where Gabe and Dutch went into full-frenetic play mode.  They are such goofballs and I’m going to miss watching them for this very reason.  Gerty made sure to give me a few new happy leg scratches, but again, no harm done.  She’s such a sweet girl.  Gracy was fine…a little depleted of water in her bowl and I took care of this.

I did notice Gabe caring for the one back leg, which made me think (remember).  I reported not too long ago to you about him limping, after a bout of back fence “dog barking” with Dutch.  I bet he had already torn the ACL or was in the process of tearing it.  It doesn’t matter really, but everything makes much more sense now.  Poor guy.  🙁  I wish him well in his surgery and for a speedy recovery.  Hopefully much better than my pinky finger.  😉