Archive for August 6, 2010

Augh!  What have I gotten myself into?????  Just kidding.  😀

It’s been perfectly fine.  First visit and I notice the older pups (most likely Louie?) had a couple of accidents in the living room.  Ugh!  No biggie, but it will have to wait for cleaning as I have to make introductions with the newest member of the family.  Yes, Iris was barking when I walked inside, but I didn’t let her see me at first.  I greeted and petted Penny, then made my way to Louie.  Took both of them outside first (okay, Louie didn’t go), then I went back to greet Iris.  “Whoa!  Who is this strange person?” says Iris.  She sheepishly kept her distance from me, but did follow.  What a good puppy!  I took her for a short walk after bringing Louie and Penny back inside.  She walked so well on leash at first, I thought I was going crazy.  No puppy walks that well on a leash at this age, but then the leash grabbing began.  I calmly stopped each time and removed the leash from her mouth before continuing.  We must have completed this little procedure…oh, I don’t know…20 times or so?  🙂  I fed her when we returned.

We had a longer walk this evening after everyone’s meal.  She played the leash grabbing game again, but it didn’t last as long.  Awesome!  She knows I’m not going to allow this behavior….either this or the fact there was a lot more people out.  Take your pick.  The walk ended up being very peaceful and I put her back in the laundry room before letting the other two out again for one last time.  Iris, of course, barked the entire time.  I really needed everyone out of the way for a few minutes to attend to the earlier accidents and this gave me the necessary time.

Everyone’s now safely in bed….well, I think Gato is still doing the alley cat roam.  😉