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Uhm….Kitu was not around tonight.  She was there this morning and ate all her a.m. food, but no sign tonight.  Any hidden spots I can check?  I’m hoping she turns up tomorrow as it’s not like her to be gone.

The pups are great and anxiously awaiting your return.  They told me this.  😀  We had lots of play tonight before our walk.  Even though it was warmer still than previous times, they didn’t seem as bothered by it until we got back.  Then both flopped on the cool tile floor.  🙂  Had a strange happening this morning.  I was throwing the soft frisbee for Tipli and it bounced off of him and somehow went straight under your TV console cabinet.  Really now!  Such a small opening and it somehow just went in at the right angle to disappear underneath….always my luck.  🙁  After much trial and tribulations, along with Tipli’s head right by mine and me with my little pen flashlight and your grilling fork, I managed to retrieve the errant toy for him.  I think he gave me a kiss for all my hard work.  🙂

What to expect to see upon your return.  Wow the builders are fast!

What a HOT day!  Sheesh!  This didn’t affect the pups…or so they thought…until after they wanted to frantically (Tipli anyway) play retrieve games.  I think Hupi gave out first, but Tipli was game for more.  Then he was dragging big time during the walk.  I kept trying to tell him to pace himself, but the silly boy wouldn’t listen.  😀

Well, I met the BF tonight.  The pups and I were on our way back from the walk and all of the sudden they were pulling me like mad.  They never pull!  After I noticed them pulling towards a car in the street with a person in it, I pretty much assumed they knew that person.  BF told me why he was there and determined that the battery in your intricate watering system was dead, but that he would continue to come and water the back plants manually.  Nice guy!  The pups certainly love him!!!

For this morning, I did put your trash out again.  This included the trash from your kitchen, since I’d been tossing the empty cat food cans in there.  I didn’t want to “stink” up the kitchen too bad.  Ohhhh….almost forgot to mention something your pups did.  They pulled down the Greenies bag and had it in the back yard….still intact.  Devious, aren’t they?  The bag is now back inside safe and sound.

Older pic as I didn’t take one tonight, but it’s still sweet.  🙂

Today was simple.  I did get to see Tipli take the dominant status for a brief second when Hupi annoyed him just a tad too much.  Good!  Owning a female, I know the girls can be a little tough on their opposite gender canine counterparts.  I wish my male would stand his ground like Tipli does, but he does okay.

It was really a quiet day.  The heatwave begins tomorrow.  Ugh!

I figured Kitu deserved another picture, except he/she (forgot the gender) won’t ever look the correct way when I snap the photo.  Darn cat.  😉

The day went well, but I do have a question.  Why is it that you can take dogs out into the yard and run them around to play, but yet they decide do their business in the neighbors yard when we go for the walk….while the neighbor is pulling out of the garage in his car?  Naturally, I had the bag on hand to take care of it, but still!  I have the same problem with my own pooches.  Hmph!

I found out today I am intelligent enough to figure out your backyard watering system.  Whew!  At least that Masters degree isn’t going to waste.  😀  I was able to figure out where each contraption went to ensure all plants are getting water now.  Yea!

Love, love, LOVE this pic of the two of them!!!

Okay, one major thing has occurred…another storm came through last night.  Odd storm though.  No rain fell, but the wind gusts were horrendous.  They were bad enough to blow out the merchant signs at Tulsa Hills shopping center….AND  your outdoor pots.  Yes, once again, I found some of your outdoor pots laying on their side.  Fortunately none are broken, but some of your intricate watering system pulled out.  It’s so intricate and I haven’t stared at it long enough to figure out how to put it back together.  It’s rather like a jig-saw puzzle.  🙂  I may get it figured out, but if not, I’ll hand water the plants.

I ran into the cleaning lady this morning.  She wasn’t there when I arrived, but was when Tipli, Hupi, and I returned from our walk.  Oh what fun!  I let them in and they ran up, barking, at her little boy.  Poor little guy started crying.  I really wasn’t expecting a youngster to be sitting there and calmed the pups down quickly.  The little boy followed suit and started in on me with 3 year old questions.  😀  He wanted to give the pups their treats, which I said he could, but then diverted him on another topic.  I had this nagging feeling that he would keep feeding them treats after I left, which I didn’t want.  I’m pretty certain he forgot as I never showed him where the treats were located.  I’m a sly one.  😉

More clouds and rain tonight, but we managed to get our walk in before it hit.  Actually, it never hit.  The skies were clearing by the time I left.  🙁

Both visits went well today.  No husband to join us today as I slept most of the day in between morning and p.m. visits with only one other client home to attend to a pet.  I think the post-anesthesia grogginess has finally left me…I hope.

During our walk tonight, we encountered another couple with their two dogs.  I had seen them a few nights ago, but tonight we let one of their dogs meet yours.  For whatever reason, all three decided to meet nose-to-nose.  Go figure.  Miss Hupi was the most cautious, with her jumping back quickly first, then the other two jumped just as quickly.  All three were standing there staring at each other wondering if each were safe.  I looked at the other owner and said, “I’m not sure what that was about.”  I’m fairly sure, if the pups had their time, they all would have playing peacefully.  Tipli was sure ready for some doggy playtime.

If you’ve been checking, sorry about missing a day of posting.  I think I’m having some post-anesthesia exhaustion and went to bed as soon as I got home last night, then slept 5 hours during the day today!  And I’m still groggy!  Just so you know, my grogginess worries my husband so he has sporadically joined me on more visits.  Secretly, I think he really likes your pups.  😉  Truthfully, he’s concerned about me driving when I’m so sleepy.  What a caring guy!

Anyway, Hupi had a minor outburst on Tipli this morning, but the two resolved it amicably without much involvement from me.  I saw it coming and by the time Hupi blew up Tipli had already rolled over as if saying, “please don’t hurt me”.  🙂  Fuss was over by that point.  Wish my dogs were that easy.  I’m usually doctoring wounds after their blow-ups.  I also reported today in the notes that both pups are eating on schedule and Tipli is taking his pills.  Yea!  Kitu is also eating as normal.

Backyard playtime!!!

Chuck’s doing fine.  He did have a little hiss fit towards me right when I walked in today, but then decided he better not do that type of behavior.  If you tick off the pet sitter, then kitty might not get a treat.  😉  Of course, you know he got a treat anyway.

Hey! It's dark in here!

I don’t believe I mentioned to you about having some minor outpatient surgery (just a finger) scheduled for today.  I made every attempt to mention it to each client that booked, but I think I forgot to tell you as you booked long before I scheduled the surgery.  The reason I wanted to tell clients is I had to have my husband drive me to my pet visits for the day, so the intention was for him to wait in the car unless I needed help.  He does help me when needed (rare occasions) and he also has dogs that he walks daily for the business.

For your home, he did assist with watering the front plants.  I could have done it myself, but by the time I got out the door with the dogs he had them watered and was proceeding with watering the shrubs.  He loves his garden hose.  🙂  He also went on our walks with us due to my not taking well to the anesthesia (he was afraid I would stumble and fall…such a caring guy).  Hupi wasn’t crazy about this additional member of our party, but Tipli was fine with it after one sniff of him.  I gave him Tipli’s leash and all was well.  I did attempt partway through to hand off Hupi’s leash, but the moment she realized I wasn’t the leader she put on the brakes.  😀  We switched quickly, but I thought it was tad funny.  One of my pups has those minor insecurities as well, so we are well-versed in this canine behavior.

Sorry I didn’t let you know sooner, but I did try to keep his participation as non-invasive as possible.  He thought your pups were gorgeous, even though I told him beforehand that they were.  🙂  He won’t be going for any remaining visits as I’ll be cleared to drive tomorrow morning.

How did I garner so much attention? Love it!