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The day went well.  I didn’t walk them until this evening and they got pretty hot even then, thus none touched their dinner even with the cool off period.  J was there this evening, so she was going to put their bowls down again for them a little later as the bowls were already scooped to see if they would eat.  It seemed as if she was staying for the night, so I said sure…it would be great.  They all ate this morning.

The walk!  It went well, but then Gabe had to relieve himself of the baggie kind.  Not a problem, except there was a couple walking two cockers…one was off-leash.  Well, we all know how insecure Dutch can be, but the couple had pretty good control of their dogs.  This didn’t stop Dutch from doing a mean growl at the dogs.  Fortunately, the couple was armed with treats and soon redirected each of your broods attention.  Of course this all occurred as I was trying to tie the bag together, which was next to impossible.  All three had themselves wrapped around my legs and themselves so we all looked like one big Christmas bow.  😀  The nice couple then asked if I needed help getting everyone untangled and I just said, “no.  I’ll work it out.”  Sometimes, I truly wish I had someone else along to take photos of my precarious predicaments.

My picture taking abilities are lacking in this photo, but Gerty was giving my hand some precious kisses.

Both boys ate well this morning, but I did have to cajole Gerty into eating.  She finally relented and ate everything.  This evening was a little different.  Gabe ate everything.  Dutch ate about 3/4 and Gerty ate nothing, but again, didn’t decline her treat.  🙂  Go figure!

I got there a little earlier than usual, so I ended up staying a little longer.  “Yea”, says the pups!  We spent much of our time outdoors playing, especially after I rescued the Kong that was dropped into the pool by Gabe.  He doesn’t even realize (or maybe he does) when he accidentally drops these toys in, but it certainly confuses him on how to retrieve it.  All he knows is he wants it back!!!

Tug of War!!!

Not to worry.  I made sure this toy was returned inside after their play was over.  😉

Well….when I arrived I had one chocolate dog (Dutch) happily greeting me at the back door while the others were safely secure in the dog pen.  Huh?  How the heck did he get out?  I soon got the answer to this question.  That boy can scale the little fence backwards and forwards as if it doesn’t exist!!!  Do note, if you ever move, you will need a 6 foot wood fence to contain him.  They were all quite ecstatic to see me and get their fun romp through the yard.  Both Dutch and Gabe ate all their dinner tonight, while Gerty declined.  Of course, she didn’t decline her treat.  😀

I discovered tonight that my listing of duties didn’t just stop with pet sitting.  It also included a quick tutoring session with J regarding the Great Depression for her economics class.  Okay, I never had to take economics in college, but my history minor certainly helped get her a little clearer on the facts.  Although, I do think she’s a little confused with the Great Depression and the Oklahoma Dust Bowl combined.  I don’t think she understands these two historical facts are not one in the same, but two things that occurred around the same period of time.    I could have had a complete round table discussion with her about the time period and it’s effects of one against the other, but sadly, I had to move on to other “alone at home” pets.  At least she now knows the date of “Black Tuesday”.  🙂

One last pet sitting item…unless you have some food for Gracy hiding somewhere, she will most likely run out before your return.  🙁  That girl can eat!!!

Naughty boy escaped his pen

Isn’t it funny how the best thought out plans have to be adapted at the spur of the moment?  If you checked yesterday’s posting, my plans were to leave them out after the early morning visit and then the dusk to the nighttime visit.  The morning plans continued and they were great!  Pete kept his collar on and nobody had any accidents, just perfect.  The dusk visit is where plans changed.  They didn’t get their “out-of-kennel” time due to a situation where I decided taking the safest route was best.  I was preparing their bowls and when I turned my back, one (thinking maybe Pete) managed to jump up high enough to knock off a bowl.  Of course, the food went flying (Cosmo’s bowl) and 3 noses were scouring the ground for every morsel.  EXCEPT, several pieces went under the fridge.  Oh joy!  Once the loose pieces were scavenged by the pups, they then (mainly Pete) turned their attention to the ones they couldn’t get.  Pete was pawing like mad to try to retrieve the pieces.  I stared at him for a bit thinking how this could ruin their “out-of-crate” time I had planned for them.  I finally decided it would be best to crate all 3 versus me returning to find Pete’s paws (or the fridge) damaged in his desperate attempt to get every morsel of renegade food.  So, off to the crates they go and I get the longest spatula I could find to retrieve those hidden morsels myself.  I think there might be one more morsel under there, but am not sure.  Pete seems to think there is.

During the late night visit, Pete decided to go after his tail again and busted it open.  Bless him.  He was not listening to me until I finally convinced him to go inside with me.  It was the only thing that caused him to leave it alone, but alas too late.  Quite an OCD day for him.  😀  Other than these few things, they are all safe and resting comfortably.

I am curious about whether your neighbor has a dog with a pink collar.  I saw her wandering around and she did run up to your driveway, but afterward settled on their porch.  From looking at her, I do believe she may have mange or ringworm.  I didn’t get a very close look and could be wrong, but I’ve seen/had both in foster dogs before and there appears to be some type of skin problem going on with her.  Just a heads up if you see her.  Being a Sunday night, there’s not much I can do if she’s a stray.  I didn’t see any tags on her collar either.

Pete staking out the fridge for a renegade morsel

The day went well.  I did leave them out from the noonish visit to the dusk visit and that went great.  Pete still had his collar on and I’m surprised how well he navigates with it on him.  It usually distorts the perception so badly the pups randomly bump into things.  Anyway, for tomorrow I think I will leave them out after breakfast and then again after the dusk visit.  This way it will break up the day plus give them more “out-of-crate” time.

Oh, I had a challenge with getting Pete to take his blue pill this evening.  He ate the banana, but spit out the pill.  I was thinking, “please don’t make me do this the old-fashioned way.”  I used some more banana and he finally ingested the pill.  Yea!  Probably not the point with him taking it on an empty stomach, but really?  How is that supposed to actually happen?

Question of the day?  What on earth does Rudy think he’s doing?  Does he really believe he’s flushing out game from your backyard bushes?  He was in them the entire time on this last visit and nothing I would say or do would get him out!

I know I said I wasn’t going to post about your pups, but I couldn’t resist this great shot of Mango.  Yes, I had her ball in my hand.  🙂

Embarrassingly, I’ve forgotten the cat’s name.  Oliver?  Oleander?  Ugh!  I should have written it down.  Point is he did join us several times today for our outings.  Very sweet kitty and he loved to rub up on me and Vinnie too.  🙂

Both pups were fine.  Meeka tried to play “chase me” for her ear drops, but I fooled her with a treat.  She submitted beautifully and had no problems with me giving her the drops.  Well, until she rolled onto her back for a tummy rub.  Then it was difficult to reach one ear, but we finally had success.  This evening all 3 hung out with me outside for a good 20 minutes.  That’s a record for Meeka…so far with me.  😀  It was a good day and they seem to take to me well.

Got this awesome shot of Vinnie:

B gave me the scoop on Miss Dixie.  She appears fine now and was her usual loving self.  I got down to the little ones level and gave them their due share of love as well.

I can’t seem to get a good picture of Dixie.  I try to get her to stay still, but she’s constantly moving on me.  One day maybe.  I did get a good picture of the little ones though.  I LOVED it!

Most of you know about my car accident last March and the loss of the Pawsitively Reliable pet mobile.  If not, I did blog about it recently and you can check the information here:

I now have a new car, which I opted for leather seats.  Easier cleaning for your pets that may get a bit nervous when I need to transport them.  New car, leather seats, possible punctures from toenails caused me to think that maybe I need to get a little help for protection of those seats.  Well, really I was thinking about how wet Lexi is almost continuously (she is a lab for pete’s sake…can’t expect her to stay dry) and I do load her up for my daily runs on the river.  So, I found what is thus far a good solution.  It’s a car hammock specifically designed for pet transport!  It’s waterproof on one side and fleece on the other side for the colder winter months.  Handy pockets are also in the design for poop bag storage (unused, of course).  So far I give it a big thumbs up and Lexi is really loving it, even though she wasn’t too sure of it at first.  She’s really come around as is evident by the picture I got of her on the drive home from a run on the river.  Please ignore the huge pinch collar.  My girl’s a squirrel chaser, so we have to have a little help to remain focused on our running task.

I’ve already given an update, but since I’m already doing other blogs I may as well give a report on here for your crew.  Sorry, no pic’s this go around.  It was too dark once I arrived and I hate the yellow eyes the flash gives.  I do want to apologize for not letting you know that my out-of-town plans were not what I first thought.  When you got coverage so quickly and I figured out I had the wrong weekend for myself, I didn’t think it mattered to share the information.  I was wrong and I’m glad we’re able to work this out…for the boys sake.

Anyway, they were excited and it was all business as usual.  I gave them a little bit of dinner along with the necessary medication’s (sans the one you text messaged me about).  Then put them all to bed with a treat.  I did read through the notes you left and I’m waiting to see if your pots need watering tomorrow.  It’s extremely muggy and there was some sprinkles when I was at your home, so I’m thinking some storm may be moving in tonight.  I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to see.