Archive for May 21, 2010

The walk today was peaceful and tranquil.  Okay, who am I kidding?  You know how they are with Gabe shooting around while I’m trying to leash up the other two.  Then Gerty went on bunny patrol when one darted in front of her.  They finally calmed down (sort of) after a few blocks and had a grand time.

This evening was fairly quiet after dinner until Dutch decided to play a game of “chase me” with Gabe.  Okay, so it’s a nice evening and the decision was made they could take their game out to the dog kennel for the night.  🙂  No rain in the forecast so they should enjoy themselves there.

Love, love, LOVE this pic of Gerty

The girls were their usual selves today, even though Kenai did attempt to climb into my lap.  While I would have been happy to have her there, she decided she was a bit too big to fit.  🙂

Whew!  I’m not sure if you got my text message, but all is okay now.  The kids were very happy to see me and definitely ready to get outside for a bit.  You were right and they LOVE their food.  I was toodling around with the kitties, look down, and the pups were done!  Wow!

All is well with the furkids.  Dixie let me know when she was ready to return inside, but Little Bit and Minnie had to be coaxed a bit.  I think they were more interested in sunbathing.  🙂