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Gracy was quite the vocal one this evening.  She just kept roaming around like she was the loneliest kitty.  All the petting in the world didn’t seem to console her, but she does now have food.  🙂  The pups have had a grand time.  I got them all back out this evening before Gabe started having excitement piddles (as he did last night).  All three had a good time at the back fence with another dog.  Then the evening ended when Gabe dropped his toy in the pool.  I thought about getting it out, but it was really time to wrap everything up with my visit.  I’ll pull it out tomorrow for the big guy, since he’s too afraid to stick his head under the water to get it.  Sheesh!  It’s only on the 2nd step.  Once quick dunk and he could have it back.  😀

The toy that's now in the water.

It was a quiet day and the kids have just been soooo perfect!!!  :-)Wait, not so quiet with once incident occurring this morning.  The pups certainly weren’t at fault either, but they were involved.  I mistimed sitting outside first thing this morning.  I was sitting on the edge of the porch watching the babies when I started to hear some sputtering.  “What is that?  ” I wondered.  The sprinkler system was starting up, but I didn’t figure it out until I got a full “splat” all over me.  Poor puppies were in the back of the yard, but I scurried faster than they did.  Needless to say, we all got a little soaked.  😀

So that’s my story of the day.  Your pet sitter is a dork.  😉

Older picture.  I swore I took one today of them.  Guess not.