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You already know most everything already.  😉  I had to delay the walk as I just couldn’t get everything done this afternoon.  If only I didn’t have the personal physical therapy twice a week, I could fit everything in (sigh).  So, we went for our walk tonight.  Yes, it was a bit tough on my right hand as that’s the hand which holds the leashes for Dutch and Gerty, but I was able to move all leashes to the left hand when the other got a bit tired and back again.  It all worked well and I need to work the right hand anyway.  Obviously the walk didn’t faze Dutch one bit.  Just as I was preparing to leave, he decided to get into a “chase me” fest with Gabe and a toy.  Once that settled down, I was able to turn all lights off and give their their “night-night” treat.  Hopefully, they’ll stay calm and I’m sure they will.

It didn’t appear that Gerty ate all of her food this morning as I found her dish still full from breakfast.  She had no problem scarfing it down tonight.  I have noticed that it doesn’t appear she really enjoys the new food very well.  Hmmmm…maybe adding a touch of warm water will liven it up for her?  Just thinking out loud on this one as it’s some tricks I’ve used to get finicky eaters to realize it’s not so bad.  Maybe “S” of “PP” has some different blends (thinking samples) that you can try with her?  And yes, I do know “S”.  He’s always been a huge supporter of Lab Rescue.  🙂  Very nice guy, but still wish he would come up with a grain-free food.

Anyway, I digress.  On to tonight’s photo op.  🙂  I really need to make a point of taking my actual digital camera into the house with me as opposed to using the cell phone camera.

Uh oh!  I walked into some diarrhea on my first visit last night.  🙁  Fortunately it seems to have been resolved, but someone definitely had an upset tummy after you departed.  Other than this, the visits have been great.  Oh yes, I did report that I had to take them for a walk this morning (as if I wasn’t going to anyway).  Cassius absolutely refused to go out into the wet lawn to do his business this a.m.

Going for our walk