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The kids have been their usual excitable selves.  I think I made a note of how Gabe has been my therapy dog…you know, with his excitement and jumping behavior.  He’s really helped bend that one pinky knuckle that I haven’t managed to get to bend on my own.  🙂  It’s quite okay as it needs to be bending, so I (and am sure my Physical Therapist) don’t really mind this one bit.  Good Gabe with the good heart to help with my recovery.

I arrived tonight to find the dogs inside with the friend, so we stayed outside for most of the time.  I worked on running some steam out of them.  Gerty was quite gritchy with the boys and Dutch was way too vocal.  I took a book outside with me, so I could get them to calm down in the last 5 minutes before we went back inside.  They got the message and were ready to settle for the evening.

FYI…I will be going earlier tomorrow evening as I’m going to a concert at 8.  Your furkids are the only one on my calendar tomorrow night and since D is returning home tomorrow evening, I won’t make the extra visit I was going to do after the concert.  I expect to go around 6 or so, and may leave them outside for D’s arrival.

Not a very good picture (horrible, actually) of Mr. Gabe with the cell phone camera.  I really need to pack my other camera.

The little guy is doing great!  He hadn’t finished all of his food yesterday, so I only added some today.  It’s now all gone, but he has to wait until tomorrow for a refill.  🙁

Love sunny days!!!

Our first visit went well…well sort of.  I almost panicked when I couldn’t get the front door open, so I thought why not try the kitchen door.  Voila, it worked.  Samson was eagerly awaiting me, but he was wrapped around the dining room table.  🙁  I freed him from his confines and he eagerly ran to the water dish.  🙂  “No harm done”, he told me.  We then took a leisurely stroll around the complex where he took care of business.  It was a nice evening.

Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for all the well wishes regarding my auto accident injury.  For those that didn’t know, I was involved in an auto accident on March 12th where I was rear-ended by an intoxicated driver.  I was stopped at a red light and the other driver was going a minimum of 40 mph without slowing down.  My vehicle was totaled with severe damage in the rear and a little less severe in the front end.  I, fortunately, was able to unbuckle my seatbelt and walk out of the car…dazed and confused, but I still walked out under my own power.  After a visit to the emergency room later that evening, two fractures were discovered in my right hand pinky.  Along with the normal course of severe bruises on other parts of my body, I feel very fortunate that these fractures were the only thing requiring medical care, i.e. surgery with pins to help mend the bones.   The right hand today was freed from it’s confinement of the splint and the pins are now gone.  The only thing remaining is the physical therapy to allow my writing hand gain it’s full freedom.  The notes I leave behind will now be more legible.  Yea!

Thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding while I was working on repairing myself.  What I really want to impress with my story is SEATBELTS RULE!  Tell every child or friend who thinks they’re not going to put it on to rethink their position.  The impact of another car may not be life-threatening, but I know I would have incurred much more injury if I hadn’t been wearing my seatbelt that night.

Hand freed from its splint after a month

Everything’s going well and there are no complaints from any of us.  🙂  Even though it’s been a little cooler, we’ve been walking each visit.  They so love to walk with Neena being the most excited for hers.  Just the thought of her going for a walk gets her to do her backyard business quickly and back inside to get leashed up…completely ignoring the neighbor dogs.  Rewards always has its perks.  Oh yes, hubby is still driving me (no automatic vehicle replacement yet) and there’s not been one outburst from Neena at all towards him.  He’s now welcome in her world, even though he doesn’t come inside…only joining us for the walks.