Archive for March 26, 2010

I’ll just get to the point of the most probable burning question in your mind…how are the feedings going now?  🙂  This morning was better, but still challenging with Mr. Rudy.  I was able to get Pete fed without any interference from Rudy.  I thought I had it made when I fed Cosmo.  I had Rudy convinced to stay at a distance and was rattling his bowl to let him know his food was forthcoming.  Didn’t work.  He swooped in on Cosmo’s bowl and I made an immediate dive for it.  My gosh, I had to!  Everyone was having their individual medications this morning.  It all turned out okay in the end, thank goodness.

This evening I declared that Rudy was going to have patio dining, while the other two could have indoor dining.  I have to be a little protective of my healing injuries and am making adjustments so everyone stays safe.  🙂  This way was much more peaceful for all of us.  I forgot to mention, Cosmo did not ingest his pill this morning so I used some banana to get him to take the pill.

Photography for the day is of Mr. Rudy…the handsome devil!

As normal, they were very happy to see me.  After our bathroom break, we sat on the couch for some petting.  Then Neena did the oddest thing.  She went and laid on the pet bed and nothing could convince her to come back and join us.  Maybe she was showing a little jealousy, because she thought Cassius got too much attention?  If only they could talk, then I would know for sure.

I didn’t get a picture of the pups, because I had to take a picture of the spring tulips.  Gorgeous!  I’m very ready for the weather to be warmer on a daily basis.