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Dave’s doing great.  He’s been mewing at me from the chair in the dining room when I enter, so it’s not too hard to find him now.  After 3 -4 minutes of love scratching on my shoes, we’re ready to move on to more important things….like drink out of the bathtub!  😀

Dave’s really not liking his oral medication, but I’m a persistent person.  I’ve really had to work hard at “outsmarting the kitty” and he hates me for it.  So, I make sure that the medication is given just before my departure.  This way he can run off to brood and I will leave him alone again.  He’s forgotten all about it by the time I return.  🙂

I didn’t see Dave at first when I arrived.  As I was standing at the kitchen bar reading all of your notes, I suddenly felt the love scratching on my shoes.  Hi Dave!!!  🙂

Tonight was pretty low-key.  I did give Dave some fresh water, but he still had enough food until tomorrow.  He did eat some while I was there as well.  We spent most of our time on the couch where Dave received some good rubs from me while laying on my stomach.  I got to catch up on a little Canadian history from a book I found on your shelf, while I had purring Dave on my belly.  Okay, I really just looked at pictures and read the captions of about 30 pages total.  I didn’t have enough time to both pet Dave and do a full research.  😀

Sorry there’s no picture to share tonight.  I’ll hopefully get a few good one’s tomorrow to share over the next several days.

Things are going well and we’re having lots of fun….as usual.  Kenai is being her usual chatty self, which I adore about her.  Kiska has been exceptionally loving this time around.  Usually she’s always just a bit jumpy from me attempting to touch her, but this time she only wants me to pet her and she leans into it too!  Needless to say, I keep coming home covered in Kiska fur which peaks the curiosity of my pups.  🙂

By the way, I did get the trash out tonight.  I did, of course, circle your note about it a zillion times just so I wouldn’t forget.  😀

I wanna' go out!

Three visits have occurred since my first post.  Things just keep getting better.  Otto is now quite excited that I’ve come and has even jumped on me at least once.  Maybe it’s the treats?  😀  Last night he spent a little time talking to me, but he was just telling me we needed to go outside again.  Dani’s been helping me write my notes, so apologies if they’re difficult to read.  She deserves to have her picture in my blog too.  By the way, I’m quite well-known for getting yellow eyes in my pet pictures.  🙁

First visit went well with Dani greeting me from the chair nearest the door.  It took about a minute for Otto to make an appearance.  I’m not sure if he was so far back in the house he didn’t hear me at first or he was trying to determine who he was hearing.  Nonetheless, he came in with his backside wriggling and was completely content.  He got a few treats from me before our trek outdoors.  After dinner, we just hung out on the couch…okay, Otto stayed on the footrest, but Dani cuddled with me.  🙂