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We’re now happily in a routine.  The kids meet me at the back door with exuberance.  Cassius runs off to get the biggest toy he can find while Neena patters on my leg with her paws.  Outside, Cassius runs off to do his business, while Neena still patters on my leg with her paws.  Hmmmm….must mean she’s still using the inside for a toilet.  The girl is not liking the snow, AT ALL.  Oh well.  Hopefully, she’ll pick back up with doing her business outside once this white stuff melts.  It might mean a little retraining with her though.  🙁

Couldn’t resist this pic:

The storm has come and left now.  The kids are doing great, but Neena is barely using the restroom outside.  That leaves only one place where she is using the restroom.  🙁  It hasn’t been too bad though.  With no walks being possible, we’ve been spending our time just playing and petting on the couch in the living room area.  They’ve been enjoying the extra attention.

Too bad I couldn’t get a really good picture of one of them in the snow.  I thought I was going to have to rescue them if they went too far out in the yard.  🙂

Brrrr they say.  After having 60 degree weather last night and their only walk they’re getting, it’s now frigid with freezing rain.  The storm took a while to get here, but it’s now officially here.

Neena wouldn’t go out to potty in the rain, but Cassius had no problem doing so.  I completely expect a little mess in the morning, but that’s okay.  We’ll just do what we gotta’ do to keep everyone safe.  My husband drove me over tonight (didn’t really need to as the streets weren’t bad at all) and got to meet the furkids.  I held Neena (imagine that) so she could feel more secure and be on her best behavior.  Cassius was acting as usual; loving every bit of attention he could get.  😀

Tomorrow will be much worse, so I completely expect my husband will want to drive me again.  I grabbed the remote to the garage door so we can just shuffle straight in out of the elements.  I assume you have no problem approving this.  😉  I’ll make sure the remote is back in it’s place before the last visit.  By the way, your mailbox is now iced shut.  I can’t get the mail out, but that also means the mailman can’t put any mail in there either so I’m not too concerned.  It should thaw out by Sunday, but expect a huge load of mail on Monday.  We’re crossing fingers the power stays on everywhere.

Another few days have passed and Ozzy and Harriet (I mean Duke) 🙂 are still the same.  Seriously, Duke’s doing great.  I haven’t spent enormous amount of time with Ozzy, with exception to moving him off my notes.  Silly kitty wants to lay right where I’m trying to write!

I’ve given Duke walks both visits these past few days as the weather is gorgeous!  I’m not missing out on that and neither is Duke.  😀  Duke’s enjoyed the walks, because all your neighbors had pizza over the weekend and he got to smell…and smell….and SMELL all the discarded crusts in their trash.  Yum!

What is that over there?

I have no clue where my brain is at, but I swore I did a posting yesterday.  Guess not.  I always work what I’m going to say through my mind before it hits the internet, and somewhere I told myself I posted the discussion.  Just checked and I posted nothing.

Hola, here we go…I set the alarm off yesterday accidentally.   Long story short, I was pretty exhausted from doing many daily clients and didn’t follow my mantra of checking the alarm code numbers in my phone before entering homes.  Surely by now I had yours memorized, right?  Guess not.  I realized I didn’t after the second time I tried to punch in what I thought was correct and then heard the warning signal.  OH NO! Quickly tried to pull the correct number up in my phone, found it a about 10 seconds too late.  I resolved it and turned it off.  In my mind, I had the second and fourth number transposed.  Don’t ask me why.

By the way, if BA charges for house alarm calls, PRPS will pick up the fees. This one was clearly my fault.

I missed posting last night due to…ahem…this season’s first episode of American Idol.  It’s okay though, because there’s been no drama.  Well, there was the part where Duke hit a patch of ice during our walk and came skidding down on his backside.  I was truly attempting for both of us to avoid it, but Duke had other ideas.  He had this rather shocked/surprised look on his face and then started to lumber upright on all 4’s again.  He took a couple of limping walks and then seemed fine.  He’s perfectly fine today and there’s much less ice out there, since we reached a high of 55 today.  Woo-hoo!

Ozzy’s doing great, except he’s now a little freaked out by the laser pointer.  Very unusual for a kitty.

Duke’s been a very bad boy!  🙁  I could tell he had a new bed on the first visit this morning, but by this afternoon it was in shreds.  It was a beautiful bed, by the way, and I really liked it.  It has the structure with the wood on the bottom to give the lift.  Great idea by the manufacturer!  Too bad it’s not designed for chewers, like Duke.  I did give him a nice, already prepared, frozen chew from the freezer too (plus prepared the empty one for tomorrow).  I visited at 10:30 and 2:30.  He shouldn’t have gotten that bored!!!

Anyway, I wrote in my notes to J about a chew-proof bed where I personally have two of these beds for my labs(although neither chew any longer).  One I’ve had a long time and has endured many chewing foster labs of various ages.  It’s still good as new and gets the pups up off the ground easing the large breed dog joints and hips due to the tarp fabric.  You can check it out online at your convenience.  They are called Kuranda beds and only available online; touted by shelters and rescue groups throughout the country. is the specific one I purchased.  I think you can probably get by with the XL.  I say this, because I originally bought the XL for my 90#’er and then recently bought the L for my 50#’er.  Bet you can’t guess who I consistently find on the smaller bed?  The big ones like to curl up in smaller areas and don’t even notice they’re spilling ever.  😀

On to the guilty pictures:

Bad boy!

P.S.  Please ask me questions about the Kuranda bed, if you have any.  I can probably locate or take some new pictures of it…with my pups on theirs.   And no, I don’t work for Kuranda, but like to tout what I’ve found awesome for me and my pups/foster pups.  🙂