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The babies are fine and I was able to blot up a little more of the liquid that the foot of snow inside your place put there.  Somewhere/sometime…that piece of carpet will need to “air out” though.

I really think Esperanza is warming up to me now.  She’s not hiding at all, but sticking around to check us out.  She’s such a brave girl with her fears.  🙂   Of course you know Enrique is right in my face the entire time, which is just fine.  I love kitty fur.  😀

Dave was really needing some loving today, so we sat in a chair for a while and I just stroked him.  We did stop and get some litter for him on the way to your place today.  Now that was fun.  I carried a 20# box of litter through thigh high snow drifts to your front door.  Yeah, we really did have an actual blizzard here during your absence.  Kinda’ like home, eh?  😉  Don’t worry though.  It’s the first blizzard I’ve experienced in my life and only the second in Oklahoma since 1892. I don’t expect too many more of those for the rest of my lifetime.

About Dave though, he was clingy today and I had to remove him from the kitchen counter numerous times.  Goofball!  He just won’t listen!  He drank a lot from the bathroom faucet, even though he had two bowls of water in the laundry room.  Not fresh enough, I guess.  Ah, Dave is just my sweetest kitty client.  I love his quirks.  I really wish I could get a better pic of him though.

Oh my gosh!  This day was soooo long, I can hardly remember anything that really occurred.  We made it to all locations in crummy streets and it took a long time.  I remember that!  We started at 6 a.m. and ran straight through to 3 p.m. meaning morning visits and afternoon visits happened almost concurrently.

I do remember Lulu having a few accidents in the house, but never Zane.  He’s such a good boy and holds it until I arrive to let him out.  Lulu did go outside each visit, and even did #2….on the deck, but I was happy with it.  I’ll take what I can get from her.  The kitties are always anxiously awaiting for my arrival to get fed.  Even Patty Kitty is now talking to me.  🙂

Love/Hate relationship?

Dave’s doing great.  I checked my photos and got no good pictures of him.  Darnit!  The pics I have are so bad, I’m embarrassed to share them.  I hope you guys are staying warm and having a great holiday!

The roads weren’t too bad tonight, surprisingly.  It seems the road crews made sure the hilly areas were cleaned off, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t slip and slide a bit.  🙂

Anyway, both the furkids did their business outside tonight.  It was only number 1, but I wasn’t asking too much of them.  🙂  Penny was extraordinarily affectionate tonight and, of course, she got what she wanted.  🙂   I can never resist that sweet face.

All the furkids are doing great.  Lulu is not liking the snow, but is accepting of it when Zane goes on some tirade.  It’s the only time I can get her to potty outside, so Zane is actually helping me.  🙂  The drifts in your backyard are pretty high, but I think Lulu has found her path where it’s the lowest.  It should continue melting over the next few days.

I had a little concern with Patty Kitty this evening.  As I was preparing their food, she was coughing.  It sounded rather deep, so I’ll continue to keep a close eye on her.  Just FYI.

Snow, schmo!  I love it!

Kitties are doing awesome!  Enrique has been meeting me at the top of the stairs for the last two visits, which I expected.  I believe Esperanza is warming up to me as she stayed out almost the entire visit today.  She’s certainly hungry enough to overcome her fears to eat while I’m there, which is a good thing.

As you may or may not know, we’ve had one of those freak storms in Oklahoma.  We had an actual blizzard, which is unheard of here.  I only bring this up, because you mentioned the draft problems in your home.  I have to tell you that you have more than draft problems.  🙁  When I entered your foyer today, there was at least a foot of snow there…inside!!!!!  I found a large bowl and a huge spoon to scoop it all up, but you will definitely want to discuss this with the apartment manager.  You shouldn’t have snow inside your place!  That’s just shameful on the property owner’s part!  They need to fix it!  And yes, I’m quite opinionated on certain subject matters.  🙂

For all those that canceled your pet sit visits beginning December 24th and/or 25th, the cancellation policy of payment is null and void.

Happy Holidays!

I’m still stunned by the word “blizzard” from Oklahoma weather forecasters, but it’s true!  We had a real live blizzard!  The second, since 1896, according to our weathermen and women.  After the storm passed through, we ended up with a total of 7 inches of snow.  That’s nothing to scoff at, but it was the drifts of snow that caused the problems on the roads.  Well, the drifts and the people trying to drive their little cars through them. It’s not even the little cars, but trucks and SUV’s as well.  Anyone could have gotten stuck in this mess!

Upon my return last night, my husband was concerned about my safety and declared he was going to go with me today to all the pet visits.  I was quite fine with this announcement after last night’s harrowing drive.  This morning’s drive just showed how bad the storm really was.  There were abandoned cars everywhere, even in the middle of the road.  There were still some early morning drivers getting stuck in areas and abandoning their cars at that moment.  The afternoon brought out many people attempting to free their vehicles they abandoned earlier.  We encountered many people shoveling their cars out of drifts that were 4 feet high!  The evening was the easiest trek we made.  After a full day of sun, even though temps never got above freezing, the streets are somewhat clearer or packed down enough to get some type of decent traction.  Thank goodness I own a 4 wheel drive Jeep Wrangler, which helped throughout the day, but we did almost get stuck once…in an apartment complex to visit some kitties!

I do have to take a moment and commend the City of Tulsa street crews.  They have done a phenomenal job of getting our roadways cleared.  It was difficult for them during the storm, since the sleet and snow was falling so quickly, but once it stopped they really “stepped up to the plate”.   The crew members worked tirelessly to ensure that Tulsa citizens could get to their Christmas family gatherings as safely as possible.  Woo-hoo!

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  Stay safe and warm!

Instead of doing individual posts, which will resume tomorrow, I decided to notify everyone in one posting to assure you all your furkids have been cared for today.  Your pet sitter is also safe and sound at her home to care for her own furkids, which they are grateful.

The weather conditions today worsened drastically by late afternoon.   I had intended to have my mid-day visits completed by 2 p.m., but didn’t finish until 5 due to road conditions (hallelujah for a 4 wheel drive Jeep).  This evening was the most harrowing for driving, but I struggled through it all and finished after 4 hours.  Visibility was non-existent and the snow/sleet was freezing on the wipers making visibility even worse.  Thankfully, I only had the homes that contained pups to do this evening and made sure the kitty only homes were done earlier in the day.  Needless to say, those of you with smaller pups refused to jump into the 3 – 4 foot drifts of snow to do their business this evening.  No cajoling or bribing was going to make them go.  I do expect some housecleaning tomorrow, but that’s okay.  Each of them started to run out and quickly did a turn-around as if to say “uh-uh.  I’m not going out there”.  The bigger pups had no problems with the weather.  Go figure!

For a.m. visits tomorrow, my husband is going with me as the designated driver.  I need a rest from driving after tonight.  Happy holidays to all!  I wish everyone safe travels!