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Today started off with a bang!  I had three dogs greet me at the door and a huge mess in the house.  Darn escape artists!  😉  Cleaned everything up spic and span and made sure the gate was very secure this go around.  The afternoon and evening proved my security actions were good.  All pups were contained and happy to see me.  🙂


Fun day with the girls.  It was so beautiful this afternoon and with the park across the road, I thought I might take them for their very first walk.  Uhm…it’s my last walk with them, unless I take some Sporn halters (no-pull devices) with me.  Yeesh!  Kiska is definitely a sled dog!!!  😀

This evening consisted of lots of fun with the trick or treaters passing by during our potty break.  I turned off the outdoor light during the afternoon, so those pesky ghouls and goblins wouldn’t be ringing the doorbell and upsetting the girls.

Another pretty girl

Another pretty girl

What an interesting evening, to say the least.  Duchess pretty much played keep away from me.  Pumpkin kept eying me and Coco was just plain freaked out.  He stowed away on his bed until I would invite him to be somewhere, i.e. dinner, outdoor potty, etc.  So, in short, all three were confused.  That’s okay.  It’s better for them to be confused than me.  They did help me out though with showing me who ate where.  🙂


It’s been so much fun spending time with the girls again.  They are doing awesome and I’ve almost forgotten what personalities they are.  D did come this afternoon to meet the girls.  It was weird, because outgoing Kenai suddenly became shy and bashful.  I’ve NEVER seen that side of her.  We spent the entire visit until finally she began accepting treats from D.  I know they’ll be just fine on Monday.

Now if I can just get a picture of Kenai.  She heads for the hills when the camera comes out.  😀

Pretty Kiska

Pretty Kiska

The boys have been having too much fun chasing the laser beam.  They are so infatuated with it.  I almost think they’d climb the tree to GET THAT BEAM!  🙂

Where'd that beam go?

Where'd that beam go?

Since I spoke with you earlier, it looks like Stormy is having a little setback.  He wasn’t quite as active during the afternoon or evening visit.  He was drinking a lot of water this afternoon and just a little this evening.  Not much food now either.  He’s still exceptionally clingy, since he doesn’t feel too good.  Poor guy!

The rest of the gang is as active as ever.  I sure hope Pepper doesn’t get this too.  Thinking good thoughts here.


Only one accident found this evening.  🙁  They try so hard though.  A couple of neighbors were having outdoor parties this evening in the warmer weather.  The furkids did pretty good in containing their excitement.  Not perfect, but much better.

Tried to fix Neena’s fur this morning.  Now it looks like she has a fountain coming off the top of her head.  🙂  I’m no groomer, that’s for sure.


Picked up Stormy from the vet today as requested.  He seems better, but not much play in him.  They reported his fever was pretty high, so they gave him the shot of antibiotics and some sub-q’s (fluid for re hydration due to the high fever).  Poor guy!  Let’s hope Pepper doesn’t get it.  He seems fine, but time will tell.

I’m quite concerned about Lexi’s incessant scratching.  I know you guys are too.  I left a note about a thought I had that might help the girl.  Please check it out and let me know what you think.  Got a great pic of her too.  Thought I would share.


Our run ran out.  Haha.  We’ve now had an accident in the house.  Pet sitter is tired and not much to report, except Neena is having a bad hair day again.  I’m not sure what we’re going to do about it.

I think I look quite Punk.

I think I look quite Punk.

Had another unexpected 3x visit day.  The furkids loved it though.  They got Cheetos as a treat.  🙂 It really wears them down and I had to wake up Cassius when I arrived tonight!  That’s a shocker as he’s usually at the door yipping excitably.  The weather has turned a lot cooler, so after our potty break, we hung out on the sofa in the living room.  Miss Neena draped herself on my stomach while Cash chomped on a rawhide ball.

Oh boy!  Going for a car ride!

Oh boy! Going for a car ride!