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We had a really, really great time today.  We went on a walk and played and played and played.  This pic was during a lull in the day.

Enjoying the sun

Enjoying the sun

All was well with the kitties today.  I took this picture of China, the Diva.  She wasn’t too happy with the camera, but at least I didn’t take the picture when she was hissing at it.  🙂


The girls and the fin kid are all well.  Cindy, of course, was outside.  She must stay out there all the time.  Mattie was just as cute as ever and very excited to see me.  No sign of Prissy, but she did eat today so she’s around somewhere.


What a fun day!  I took them for a walk first thing this morning.  Why is it Neena wants to romp through freshly mowed grass when it’s still dewy?  She was a mess!!!  I spent the evening playing with them, plus cleaning the rest of the grass that finally came out of her fur after she dried throughout the day.


Neena was oddly stand-offish tonight.  I finally figured out the reason.  She had something stuck in her tail fur.  So stuck, as a matter of fact, the only way it was coming out was with scissors.  I isolated the object and snipped it out, then she was a happy girl.  😀

The kids and I went for a walk, came back and had some treats.  I wished them peaceful dreams for tonight. We have a lot of time to spend together this weekend, so I don’t think they’ll get too lonely.  😉

Pic from the last visit, but so cute I had to show it.


If so inclined, please read my long post about a recent incident I experienced.

I think everyone should take some time and go through a checklist:

  • Can/will a family member/friend take care of my pet(s) short-term, if necessary?
  • Can/will a family member/friend take care of my pet(s) long-term, if necessary?
  • How will notification about my pet be made known to emergency personnel so they can pass on the information to the right party to ensure my family pets are cared for when I cannot do so?

I’m sure there are other points to add to this list.  Please feel free to comment on additional points I may not have thought about.

Awwww….I walked into a little bit of a mess this evening (#1 and #2).  I was hoping they would’ve held themselves, but guess not.  So we worked on cleaning it up and then getting the trash can inside.  After this was WALK TIME!  The rain kept itself away long enough for us to do this.  They loved it.

When we returned, we did some different kind of play where they get to chase the laser beam.  I’m having way too much fun with the laser pointer lately.  🙂  They chased that beam all around the kitchen for about 3 minutes, then were tired.  I’m hoping this means they’ll rest well tonight.

I'm tired now!

I'm tired now!

It’s been raining today.  It started raining this morning, cleared up for the afternoon, and then more rain (with thunder/lightening) this evening.  Thus, you were right, Duritz chose not to go out this morning or evening.

Browser has been quite the tyrant on Angus and all Angus wanted to do was play with me.  Browser wasn’t standing for anyone but him having fun!  🙂 Morris was the lovey-dovey one tonight.


We have all had a great day!  Really!  Well, Browser was bit obnoxious to Angus tonight, but other than that it’s been great.

Morris clearly didn’t want to be inside this evening, but it’s been thundering and lightening.  With 60% chance of rain tonight, I just wasn’t going to allow it.  The dogs have been great and very loving.  Scully was extremely interested in the smells of my legs tonight.  Prior to going over your house, I was in my yard doing many retrieves with my little lab girl.  I’m sure he was smelling her on me.  There’s nothing better than a cold wet nose all over my legs.  😉

Puppy Play!!!

Puppy Play!!!

Today went pretty well.  The pups did great!  No growling or barking during feed time.  I really couldn’t ask for much more.  The “pretty well” part is when Morris decided to do an acrobatic leap from my arms to the table that houses his food.  He wasn’t too successful and the chairs/table lurched, water went flying, and he decided that was too much for him.  He took off to hide under the bed and was adamant that he wasn’t coming out.  Well, not coming out wasn’t an option, so there I was on my belly reaching with both arms to pull this terrified cat out.  Got the pills in him.  Put him near his food and he was his usual social self after this.

Shhhh!  I'm sleeping.

Shhhh! I'm sleeping.