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We had some fun today.  As promised, I took over a new ball and threw the old one away.  The new one has already been fought over, slimed and drug through a mud hole.  🙂  This morning I gave each a rawhide chew.  Rowdy and Chubbs dove right into theirs, while Jade was not quite sure what it was at first.  It was only after Rowdy inhaled his and was hovering over Jade’s that she decided it might be something pretty valuable.

Of course, you can see who the keeper of the ball is now.  See the mud-covered round thing by her left paw?


Well…I think yesterday I was saying that our visits were uneventful.  You knew that wasn’t going to last.  😉

This morning I arrive and someone had an accident.  Also, someone or both had an upset tummy during the night.  Mostly it was on the floor, which was easy, but it clearly started on the couch.  I’ve cleaned it up as best possible, but there is a water ring.  I have a feeling that can be brushed away on that material?  The pups acted fine, so we went ahead and walked.  No after effects for either.

Did the unexpected visit this afternoon for your realtor.  I decided to take them to Southern Agriculture as I needed to pick-up some food for my pups.  Hoo-boy, did they ever like that!  There’s nothing better than two Maltese at full throttle at the end of their leashes going nowhere on tiled floor.  😀  Oh yeah, Neena had a #2 accident in the store.  Luckily I had a bag in my pocket.  He-he.

This evening was rather subdued.  I think they were still worn out from the pet store visit.  Here’s to hoping they sleep very soundly tonight.


Okay, okay…I’ll quit calling Jade “Lily”.  You should’ve told me her name earlier as she actually answers to it.  😀  I’ll have to get a picture of her, if she’ll slow down long enough, to put on here.  She looks like an overgrown Benji and very cute.

The night went well.  I was surprised how easy it is to get Jade to stop jumping on me.  She only needs a little more training so she’ll know not to even try to jump, but that’s for sis to do, right?  😉

Tomorrow, I’m bringing a ball from my arsenal.  The poor ball in your backyard has finally had it.  It’s broken and lost it’s bounce a long time ago.   Your kids told me they would like a new one.

Didn’t get a pic tonight as it was dark.  It’s very difficult to take a night picture and not get the ghoul eyes.  This is from last weekend and not the best pic.  Cell phone camera technology is very lacking.


Well, there was an accident tonight.  The offending perpetrator is Ms. Neena.  I’m sure of this as Cash did his business both visits, so there’s only one left!  🙂

I keep spoiling them with walks.  Sorry.  I think it’s good to get them out of the house and good to give them an opportunity to really empty their systems.  They are always quite reluctant to venture into the yard, so walking helps.  Neena wanted to have an outburst at a Pomeranian tonight, but I didn’t let her get into full throttle.  Cassius just wanted to go and play with someone his own size.  😀

So, do you think they recognize my car now?  This is the view I see every time I pull up on your street….waaaayyy before I ever hit your driveway.


Today was pretty uneventful, which is a good thing!  There were no accidents at either visit.  The kids were excited to see me and loved going on walks each time!!!  Yeah, I’m spoiling them.  I know.

The view from my lap.


The girls and I had much fun today until it rained on our parade…literally.  So, what is it with Cocoa and her toy obsession?


The 3 weeks is almost over and we’ve had great fun.  Ozzy has learned how to go outdoors and have a good time with Duke and me.  Duke has continued his training like a pro and learned how to touch the laser beam (he thinks that is a LOT of fun).  So, now I just want to share some of our fun Kodak moments.  🙂


Oops!  I missed a day of posting again, didn’t I?  🙁

Well, just to get everyone up to speed, we started this week off very well.  The weather’s great, allowing us to walk in the morning visits, and play in the back yard during the other visits.

I’ve been having a little extra fun with the laser pointer and Duke starting today.  My main goal was to see how quickly he would pick up on the fact that “touching” the red dot with his nose would garner him a yummy treat.  For a first-timer, he did okay with it.  Again, he’s so young I didn’t want to  push him too hard.  The idea of using a laser pointer is that it substitutes being a target stick.  Search for Karen Pryor on the internet as she’s the one who has a lot of information about “clicker training” and utilizing a “target stick”.

Please don’t blame the pet sitter for spoiling Ozzy.  I couldn’t take his sad looking face any more about wanting to be outside with us.


Also wanted to show you how much Duke has grown in the last few weeks!


We had a great visit, but that darn lock on your front door does give me fits!  Cocoa’s always going nuts with whimpering in the background while Lola is barking at the door…all the while I’m throwing some very bad words at the lock.  😀  Maybe I’ll try spraying the key with some WD-40 next time to see if that helps.

Anyway, we went for a nice walk today during this wonderful weather.  Overhead shot and I forgot to mention in the notes how adorable their new collars are!


Oh my!  Scrappy was a feisty one today.  He was so playful and we spent much time on the ground just goofing off.  We did do some short walks around the house to help expend some of that pent-up energy.  🙂  He did tell me he’s looking forward to your return, but is sad that he won’t see his pet sitter every day.