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I’ve had two visits since I’ve last posted about Dave.  He’s doing much better than he was the first visit…much like his usual talkative self.  We’ve spent much time loving on each other and play with his Christmas sock.  I had no idea he would really take to that toy when I purchased it for him.  It must be the shiny sequins that he likes so much.

Today when I arrived, one of your wall art was on the floor face-down.  Fortunately, it was one that did not have glass in it.  There’s now a divot in the wood flooring and am unsure if it was there before or if the fall from the frame of the artwork caused it.  Anyway, I leaned the piece against the wall for now.

Typical of Dave to drink from the faucet, eh?  😀

All the pups are doing well and what a crew!  Sunlee is quite a burst of energy.  I truly wish I could get their photos on here…perhaps to aid in their adoptability.

Danika is extremely humorous.  The ball went into the 2 ft. pool and she would not let it rest until she got it back out.  I refused to help her and just knew she would finally find a resolution to the problem.  I was mildly shocked when she finally dove her entire head under water to retrieve it.

Utah is my favorite, but I always lean toward the big boys.  He’s absolutely precious and see he’s adoption pending now.   I wished him well in his new forever home as I was leaving this evening.

Thank you so much for hiring me to come and care for this new crew of foster dogs.  I always enjoy it so much.  I really liked seeing Kitten Little again (kitty not available for adoption.) 😉

I finally managed to get Utah’s picture downloaded.  Sorry folks, but he’s adoption pending.  You missed out on a beautiful, sweet labbie.  But there are many more available at


Hi guys!  Dave’s doing well.  I’ve completed one visit with him and he was a little stand-offish at first.  That’s not at all like him.  So, I sat in the entry way until he finally came over to give me a good kitty rub.   Then he was fine.  I expect tomorrow will go better.  I like his new litter box and am glad you have taken the plunge to upgrade.


All the furkids and finkids are doing well.  No sight of Prissy, but I know she’s eating….very well.  Her food bowl has been cleaned out each time.  Cindy’s certainly made herself at home and really likes the outdoors during this warmer weather.   Blossom and Mattie go outside with me to hang out, but immediately return inside when I do.  Spoiled rotten?  😉   Perhaps.


To say the day wasn’t all about Pepper would be an understatement.  He’s quite speedy to zip outside while taking the girls out.  He tried to play with Stony once during our time and Stony let him know that it just wasn’t going to happen.  That’s okay though.  Lexi’s quite happy to oblige Pepper in some good play…even Lucy got into the mix once.  Hard to get a good pic of a moving kitten.


The girls are doing great.  Kenai pulled her best bluff on me for the first visit, but by the third visit she’s now quiet and happy to see me.  We’ve spent most of our time outdoors playing and running around.  So much running around that Kenai flops on the floor by the time we get back inside.  😉  Kiska ate almost all of her food this morning.


Jake was the photography ham again.


I had to wake your furkids up this morning again.  Really though, Louie hears me, but Penny does not.  Kitty has been missing in action the last two times I’ve checked.  I’m sure she’s having a good time wherever she’s at.

I’ve been wanting to take Penny for a walk, but we keep having these periodic rain showers/thunderstorms.  Louie, Penny and I did go to the mailbox tonight to retrieve the mail.

Tell your daughter that Augustus is quite happy.


I meant to post last night, but a personal phone call got in the way.  Sorry.  🙁

All the furkids are doing great.  Even Gracy is choosing to stay inside.  We had some rain today and I felt bad for Gabe.  I put them outside this morning as it was just some occasional sprinkles.  The forecast didn’t call for anything more and said it would clear by noon.  By 11, it was thundering, lightening, and storming badly.  I was set to run back over to your house to put them inside and when I walked out the door to get to the car, I could see clear skies heading our direction.  Even the weathermen are having a hard time with this year’s weather.  There’s no way I could figure it out.

Anyway, the kids went for a walk tonight and had a grand time.  Here’s a good picture of Gerty.  She’s such a hard subject, so I was quite pleased.


All the furkids and finkids are doing awesome.  Penny’s been exceptionally loving and Louie…well, Louie is just Louie.  😉  Kitty has been in the garage each time I check and Augustus just happily swims around.

I keep having to wake up the furkids each morning upon arrival.  You can see where Penny has selected her favorite sleeping spot.  This morning, I had to sit on the bed and keep prodding the bed all around her for about 5 minutes before she would open her eyes.  Wish I could sleep that well.  🙂

Penny snoozing

Penny snoozing