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The girls miss you very much.  They told me this today.  Actually Sassy thinks I’m quite a bit of fun and wants me to keep coming around.  I told her I would think about it.

We’ve been taking a walk each morning, playing inside after our potty in the afternoon, and spending most of the time outside in the evening.  Well, okay…Zoey and I stay outside in the evening, while Sassy keeps her cool inside.  Who’s the spoiled one here?  😀


The boys are doing awesome.   We only took a very short walk Friday evening as it was soooo hot.  I made up for it this morning though and they were grateful.   All of us are looking forward to the cold wave coming through tomorrow.


My pups, Lexi and Bailey completely agree about the heat factor.  Miss Lexi is impatiently waiting for Bailey to get out of the pool so she can have her turn!!!img00109


The girls were very busy defending your home this evening against me.   🙂  Their hair was hackled and they talked very meanly to me, but I called their bluff as you would expect.  Zoey calmed down quickly, but Miss Sassy stayed rather aloof.  She didn’t run away from any treats or food, of course!  img00115

Tell K, thanks for leaving the swing flag out.  I had great fun with it and I’m terribly sorry about your ceiling.  😉

Good news!  No indoor accidents  have occurred the last few times.  It just seems to take them about 3 or 4 days to get into a routine.

Cassius was quite full of himself this evening.  I think he slung every toy around at least 3 times.  Miss Neena was definitely wanting her share of attention as well.  They’ve been drinking lots of water, so you know it’s getting pretty hot for the pups.  I only walk them in the mornings when it’s cool.


Mattie happily met me at the front door this evening, while Blossom was snoozing in the kitchen.   Cindy was in her new outdoor spot, which I could see that her new spot is rather forced.  😉  No sign of Prissy, of course.  They all ate their food, but Cindy did leave a little behind.  I do love their new hairdo’s.


Ohhh…got the ghoul eyes and a nice blur in this shot.  My photography skills seem to be weakening.  🙁

The kids did very well today.  There were some accidents this a.m., but I was pretty sure they happened overnight and you guys were in a rush to meet your flight VERY early this morning.  After this little clean-up, they’ve had no more accidents thus far.  I’m expecting a really easy week with the babies, so no worries on your part.  


Neena had a quick spat with the neighbor dog, but 2 things happened.  1) I stopped her and 2) the neighbor immediately took his dog back inside.  I wish he wouldn’t have though.  I really wanted more opportunity to work with your silly girl.  Cassius was all about play tonight.  Does he ever stop?

The kids were quite excited upon my arrival.  I did have a quick panic while trying to deactivate the alarm though.  It seems I couldn’t figure out how to open the panel to get to the numbers.  Fortunately, I got it open in time.  Whew!

Anyway, Loki ate all of his food while I kept Trace entertained playing ball.  Trace is such a typical retriever.  Does she even taste her food?  😉  Loki was also typical husky and was very reserved around me.  He would happily bound up to me, but only for sniffing.  If I went to pet him, he pulled away.  Goofy boy!


The girls are doing great.  While they are still having accidents in the house, they are becoming less.  It seems to help if I take them on two walks a day, so don’t blame the pet sitter when they start to pester you for a morning walk.  😉  It’s not my fault I like to spoil the furbabies.


Well, they’re still having accidents in the house.  🙁  I’m keeping them on a strict 12 hour rotation of visits, but they seem to be acting out just a little.  They are in good spirits and always excited to see me.  Oh yes, they are eating just like a labbie should too.

They got two walks today and by this evening, they were ready to lay down and relax.  Here’s to hoping for a restful night for the girls.