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We had a great night tonight.  I brought an extra ball so both could have their own, but the old ball was forgotten and the new ball was treasured.  It was so treasured by Rowdy, he took it inside with him tonight.  Well, it was a good thought on my part.  The bad thing is I forgot my special treats tonight.  They seemed a little heartbroken over that, so I will make sure to pack them for tomorrow.


It was a beautiful day today.  The dogs and I thoroughly  enjoyed our time outdoors.  Lulu was all about playing with her toy, while Zane just loved grazing around and then laying down to watch our fun.

Lulu had a little outburst with Teshiri, but as you can see, everyone has made their amends.

We're friends!

We're friends!

It was a pretty uneventful day, except for the hurricane that blew through last night.  You now have a snapped tree limb in your front yard. 🙁

I was a little more persistent about seeing Patty Kitty.  I saw her shape in the box springs way back by the wall, so I grabbed the broom and poked her a little.  Not the best way to make friends, I’m sure, BUT she came out of her hole.  At least I know


she’s alive.    Teshiri, on the other hand, loves to help me write my notes.

Zane and Lulu are having a grand time.  They seem so relaxed and excited to see me when I arrive each time.  Lulu wants nothing more than my treats and play, which of course, I will oblige her.  🙂

Patty Kitty made one appearance yesterday.  Woo-hoo!  I had prepared the kitties breakfast and the dogs and I went outside.  I peeked in the window and there she was, but she saw me.  Alas, I haven’t seen her again.  I checked this morning for her and found her silhouette in the box springs…as far away as she could get from me.  Silly kitty.

I had forgotten what a ham Lulu is.  We’ve done nothing but playLulu the ham since you left.   She’s had one spat with Teshiri over the dog food and then she was thinking about another one, but I stopped her.  Zane got a good brushing today and it was desperately needed.  He’s been the typical sweetheart that he always is.  What a good boy!

I really wish you could get your landlord to change your front door handle.  I spent 10 minutes this morning trying to get the bottom lock open.  🙂

No sign of Patty Kitty today, but you were right about Lulu.  She had an accident in the house.  🙁  Tonight, I took them outside and played with Lulu until she went to potty.  A little good exercise helps it out every time!

Zane just enjoyed the petting, plus just hanging out outside.

Zane just hanging out

Zane just hanging out