Archive for April 25, 2009

The visits today were interesting.  This morning went fine and they greeted me at the laundry room door.  For the first time, noone busted through it in their eagerness to see me.  We had some outdoor play before breakfast, but I stopped it as Gabe needed to rest his paw.  He wishes it were different, but it’s not.

This evening I gave some love to Gracy and then proceed to let the pups out of their run….errrrr…who is that staring at me through the back door?  Is it Ms. Houdini?  I have no idea where the breach is that allows such a tiny thing to escape her area, but there she was! The other two were still in their pen.  Gabe was pretty excited this evening and jumped on me several times in a row.  He caught me off-balance on one jump and I tripped backwards into the flat of creeping thyme.  After picking the plants up, they seem fine. The pet sitter’s okay too. 😀

Is this a billy goat?  Noooo, it’s Dutch in the Rocky Mountains.