Archive for April 9, 2009

Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera with me tonight.  I have it packed for tomorrow though.  🙂

It all went very well.  I showed up with treats in hand and both boys were happy campers.  I let them out to potty, while I grabbed a few things from my bag and then we leashed up to go for a walk.  It was gorgeous night, but a bit windy after the storm that had blown through though.  It was a good decision to leave them inside as the storm produced pea-sized hail.

I fed them dinner after we returned from the walk.  Jake dove right into it, but Ranger wouldn’t eat.  I sprinkled some treats on top and he ate the treats, but not the food.  I hope he eats during the night and it looked to me as if both boys are respectful of each others dishes.  I don’t think Jake will eat Ranger’s food.

I gave them both a rawhide treat and sat on the couch.  Jake, again, dove right into his.  Ranger took a little longer to start, but finished before Jake.   I had to move on at this point, so I wished both boys peaceful dreams and that I would see them in the morning.