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I’ve decided not to stress out Prissy as much as possible this time.  I know she’s well as she ate all her food this morning.  All the pups were happy this a.m. and p.m.  Blossom was a little aloof this morning, but came out of her shell this evening.  Cindy was so outgoing, I was completely surprised.  She’s really getting used to her new surroundings.  Mattie was just happy as can be, but she’s not very photogenic.  She’s rather shy of the camera.


J&J, I normally don’t post for my daily clients, but I had to make an exception for today.  You can read my notes as well, but I needed you to see what your boy looked like with the backpack.

Working boy Charlie!

Working boy Charlie!

See the confidence that I wrote about?  It was amazing and he is/was beautiful today.  The little switch in his brain from being goofy, playful Charlie to working dog Charlie took about 2 blocks of walking.  From then on he was a sight to behold.  He didn’t pull, lag, nor do any of the dead stopping as he has done in the past.  Putting the backpack on him is a very smart thing to do!  🙂