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The visits today were interesting.  This morning went fine and they greeted me at the laundry room door.  For the first time, noone busted through it in their eagerness to see me.  We had some outdoor play before breakfast, but I stopped it as Gabe needed to rest his paw.  He wishes it were different, but it’s not.

This evening I gave some love to Gracy and then proceed to let the pups out of their run….errrrr…who is that staring at me through the back door?  Is it Ms. Houdini?  I have no idea where the breach is that allows such a tiny thing to escape her area, but there she was! The other two were still in their pen.  Gabe was pretty excited this evening and jumped on me several times in a row.  He caught me off-balance on one jump and I tripped backwards into the flat of creeping thyme.  After picking the plants up, they seem fine. The pet sitter’s okay too. 😀

Is this a billy goat?  Noooo, it’s Dutch in the Rocky Mountains.

Well, to say the dogs like me a lot is an understatement.  I needed tackle gear on tonight once they caught sight of me.  🙂  Oh my, I was tackled at least 10 times by Gabe alone…the big goof.  ball-anyone_opt

By the way, this is a picture from a previous visit.  If I had my camera out tonight, it would probably would’ve been on the ground in pieces.  😉  I love their enthusiasm though.  They are fun.

Some news about Gabe though.  It appears that he has a damaged nail on the right foot.  He’s licking it to keep it clean, but I will take my magic disinfectant solution tomorrow to give it a thorough cleaning.  He’s not limping on it, so I’m not too concerned.  I will, of course, keep a close eye on it.  I also think he had this before your departure as I did find a blood mark on the floor in your kitchen.  🙁

Again, it was as if I’ve been living with you guys forever.  Louie didn’t elicit one bark upon my arrival and only talked to me this evening with my goading him.  Penny and I took a nice walk this evening where she schmoozed with the fellow neighbors for some petting.  Louie, of course, waited patiently for our return and then he was all about the ball!  🙂  Kitty went out this morning and was waiting to be let back in this evening.  I filled the water bowl for him as it was almost empty.  We’re due storms tomorrow, so I doubt he’ll have any outdoor play.

It's always about the ball!

It's always about the ball!


Smiling Jake!

The boys are doing awesome!  They love their treats that I bring and always greet me eagerly at whichever door I enter.

As you can see, I managed to get several great pictures of the boys smiling for the camera…the photo hams.  🙂

Smiling Ranger!

Smiling Ranger!

We’ve been taking a short walk with each visit, including Friday night.  By the time I got there, I felt fine and good enough to go.  They are great walkers, except when they swirl around me in tornado fashion  wrapping me up in their leashes.

They told me they eagerly await your return and miss you very, very much, but they think their new pet sitter is the greatest!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera with me tonight.  I have it packed for tomorrow though.  🙂

It all went very well.  I showed up with treats in hand and both boys were happy campers.  I let them out to potty, while I grabbed a few things from my bag and then we leashed up to go for a walk.  It was gorgeous night, but a bit windy after the storm that had blown through though.  It was a good decision to leave them inside as the storm produced pea-sized hail.

I fed them dinner after we returned from the walk.  Jake dove right into it, but Ranger wouldn’t eat.  I sprinkled some treats on top and he ate the treats, but not the food.  I hope he eats during the night and it looked to me as if both boys are respectful of each others dishes.  I don’t think Jake will eat Ranger’s food.

I gave them both a rawhide treat and sat on the couch.  Jake, again, dove right into his.  Ranger took a little longer to start, but finished before Jake.   I had to move on at this point, so I wished both boys peaceful dreams and that I would see them in the morning.

I’ve decided not to stress out Prissy as much as possible this time.  I know she’s well as she ate all her food this morning.  All the pups were happy this a.m. and p.m.  Blossom was a little aloof this morning, but came out of her shell this evening.  Cindy was so outgoing, I was completely surprised.  She’s really getting used to her new surroundings.  Mattie was just happy as can be, but she’s not very photogenic.  She’s rather shy of the camera.


J&J, I normally don’t post for my daily clients, but I had to make an exception for today.  You can read my notes as well, but I needed you to see what your boy looked like with the backpack.

Working boy Charlie!

Working boy Charlie!

See the confidence that I wrote about?  It was amazing and he is/was beautiful today.  The little switch in his brain from being goofy, playful Charlie to working dog Charlie took about 2 blocks of walking.  From then on he was a sight to behold.  He didn’t pull, lag, nor do any of the dead stopping as he has done in the past.  Putting the backpack on him is a very smart thing to do!  🙂