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Gracy finally wanted to go outside this morning.  I couldn’t believe she’s stayed inside this entire time.  I walked all the canines yesterday, which it started raining.  That made it interesting with one or more stopping in front of me to shake off the moisture.  gabe2_opt

This morning, all of them were about playing with me.  I ended being a muddy mess by the time I left, but that’s okay.  I knew what I was getting myself into.  We had a lot of fun though.  Be ready for the wild and crazy “welcome home” you’ll receive.

Well, I missed posting last night so here’s what they’ve been doing for the last 3 visits.



Gerty has been a bit “gritchy” at the boys for getting in her space.  They really don’t listen to her, so she has the right to get louder about it, in my opinion.  She definitely doesn’t want me to give any of the attention to the others.  In her world, I’m there for her and her only!  🙂

The boys have been very precocious and playing a lot.  playing-boys_opt3Dutch really loves this new brand of food you’ve purchased.  He’s eating every morsel of it.  Gabe is just being a big ol’ hunk of love that he is.

By the way, I love their new reflective collars.  As you can see, my camera makes the kids light up.

The furkids were so excited to see me again.  At least I like to think so.  Gabe was just beyond himself as was Gerty.  Dutch was a little more subdued than the others.  When they realized we were going for a walk, Gabe was even more beyond himself.  It took a full 10 minutes just to get all three leashed up and ready to go!  I think the majority of that time was Gabe intervening with his pacing between me and whichever dog I was attempting to put the leash on.  🙂

Our walk was about a mile long, which went very well except for when we walked by a house that had a huge German Shepherd in the back yard.  The dog was jumping so high over the fence, Gabe thought he might need to protect the others if this dog made it over the fence.  We won’t be walking down that street again.

They were all quite hungry after the walk.  Everyone ate their food.  I also refilled Gracy’s dish as it was pretty low.  Sweet Gracy met me at the door.gracy_opt

They eagerly await your arrival later.  Penny was much more interested in exploring the backyard than taking a walk.  It wasn’t until after I fed them that she started hopping around thinking she was going to get to walk, but unfortunately our time was up and I had other puppies/kitties to go visit.

The Ball!

The Ball!

Louie is absolutely nuts about this ball.  I think he really likes it, because it has the tag still attached and he can shake it and sling it.  He must have been a retriever in his past life. 😉

Louie and The Ball

Louie and The Ball

Seriously though, when I looked up poodles on the internet I was surprised to see that they are used for hunting and retrieving.  I guess it doesn’t matter about the size of the poodle.  They are natural retrievers.

Everyone is just doing fabulous.  I do have bad news though.  Penny has now come to expect an evening walk every night.  🙂  Louie also expects extensive ball play every day.   Kitty expects to go outside, but I didn’t let him out today.  There was a chance of rain.  And, Augustus expects a little water change every day.  Just wanted to let you know and please don’t blame the pet sitter for spoiling them rotten.  sweetpenny_opt

It has been so enjoyable caring for your furkids (and Fish too).  I’ve learned so much about their habits and how to work with them.  The next time I sit for them will be a breeze.  Cindy has really been enjoying the warmer weather and I found her outside during both a.m. and p.m. visits today.  cindy_opt1Unfortunately, I never got a picture of her outside.

Blossom is hilarious.  She loves to raid everyone’s bowls and was dismayed when I didn’t allow her to do that behavior.  Mattie’s is almost like Blossom.  She knows she has the upper-hand on Cindy and can take her food.  It doesn’t matter if Mattie hasn’t finished her own food.  She was rather shocked that I stopped her from doing this.  The best part is Cindy has outsmarted them all.  She knows the rawhide bones are very cherished, especially by Mattie, so she has removed them to a secret hiding place outside.  That’s a smart cookie.  😉

They all miss you and the tails will be a-waggin’ and purrs will be a-happenin’ upon your return.

Augustus.  I like that name for a betta fish.  🙂

The dogs were awake this morning when I arrived, however Louie had an accident overnight in the laundry room.   🙁  It’s all cleaned up now, so no worries there.  I took them out to potty first thing and then spent lots of time giving love and play.  I did another partial water change for Augustus.

This evening, I found Penny on the couch in the living room and Louie in his cubby hole.  After potty, Penny and I went on a longer walk as it is so nice right now.   Here’s a pic of Penny in hunting mode:  huntingpenny_opt

This morning went well.  I had to convince Cindy to leave her garage post so she would come in and eat.  Neither Mattie nor Cindy ate all their food, but Blossom was more than happy to help out.  So, I had to pick up their food and put it out of B’s reach.  I did another manhunt for Prissy, according to your suggestions, and I found her.  prissyfound_optNow for anyone else who sees this, she’s not a devil cat.  Prissy was hiding in a really dark corner of a cabinet and the flash reddened her eyes.

This evening went very well.  After feeding the dogs, I made sure Blossom didn’t raid the other bowls.  Then I had to make sure Mattie didn’t raid Cindy’s bowl…while eating!!!   I didn’t look for Prissy tonight as I think she’s pretty freaked out by my presence.  She ate her food today, so I know she’s okay.

Everything went well this morning.  I was initially concerned as I didn’t see Cindy.  I had to hunt around for her and found her in the garage on the pet bed.  I didn’t feed them this morning as there was quite a bit of food in all the bowls.  So, I removed all of the food and freshened their water, including Prissy’s.

This evening was great.  Cindy came to join us and all the dogs were ready for dinner.  Almost all was eaten with some help from Blossom in the other bowls.  Bless her heart.  blossom_opt

After dinner, Cindy made herself content with both rawhide bones.  Mattie took one at first, but Cindy felt like both bones belonged to her.  🙂

I fed Fish and then did a more extensive manhunt for Prissy.  I know she’s fine as there was food eaten.  I’m just curious as to where her favorite hiding spots might be.  Any insight on this would be most helpful as I like to check up on all the animals.

This morning was the same as the previous one.  I got there and had to wake both of them up to go outside for potty.  I guess I don’t know their wake-up routine.  🙂  Did a partial water change for Nemo withobetta_optut removing him.  His water is a little clearer now and will continue to do this tomorrow.   He’s doing well though as you can see.

This evening was fun and then got more interesting.  When I first arrived, I took Penny for a short walk.  Louie acted like he wanted to go to, but I left him behind.  We had dinner a little later and Kitty was meowing very loudly.  I checked on him and he darts in the house.  He then darts out the back door as we go for a final potty break and disappears.  It’s a nice night, so I’m sure he’ll be fine.  I finish up, tell Penny and Louie to rest well, and proceed to leave.  Kitty’s at the front door!  I ask if he wants to come in and he doesn’t.  Then Penny starts crying.  I guess she thought I was already gone.  So, I put my bag down and go sit with her for a few more minutes for some well-deserved loving.  She was fine after that, although she’s wondering where all the people are at night.  I think we’ll take a longer walk tomorrow.