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Oh my! The grass being tracked in and a dustpan is nowhere to be found. There’s one here somewhere, right?

Wondering which dog brought in the large stick?  I think…

He looks guilty, doesn’t he? ūüėÄ

Pups are good. I see Diego has figured out the pet door. The other two still need to figure it out. 


He’s still grumpy. ūüôā

Saw the yellow cat and gave it some food. Hissy thing, isn’t it?  

Too many names to type. ūüôā

All kitties present. Yay! 

Had to search out Evelyn and found her in a box. How un-cat like.  She’s not forgiving me as well today post medication. I think I’ll try a slightly different tactic tomorrow for hopefully easier results. 

Evelyn has forgiven me now…I think. 

Hate to keep picking on poor Miss Maisie., but….

 It’s a good thing the pups took me on a tour yesterday, because she thought an a.m. hide and seek game would be fun. It was so much fun she pooped in her crate before the midday visit. Note: her bed is outside now for cleaning later. ūüôĀ

The pups wanted to take me on a tour, they said.  It’s hot and so much cooler inside. Methinks they each got distracted, especially Maisie. 

Nice to see all the breaches have covered…until finds a new one. ūüėÄ

Group shot!